Recently my husband and I attended a Seniors for Safe Driving course with instructor Bob Wehrle at the new Stonecrest Senior Living community in McCandless, PA. We enjoyed it very much and definitely learned some new things. Bob has a relaxed, self-confident style and a good sense of humor. He added examples from previous course participants' experiences as well as from his own experiences. Also, he clearly keeps up-to-date on regulations as they change and gave examples of accidents that have happened locally where people didn't follow safe driving procedures as they should have. Thanks, Bob, for making it interesting!
Rhonda C. - Cranberry, Twp

"My wife,and I took the Seniors for Safe Driving course in Huntingdon, Pa. Our instructor Don Kobak did a very good job. The course was very informative, especially the information on changes in new motor vehicle laws.
T. Lintner - Huntingdon, PA

"My husband and I recently attended a Seniors For Safe Driving course at Mel Grata Chevrolet in Hermitage, PA. Richard D'Archangelo was our instructor and he is to be complimented on the fine job he did. He is, by far, the best we have had in the four times we have attend these classes. I sure hope he is around in three years when we have to renew again."
Bob & Barb Meyer - Hermitage, PA

"For the past two mornings I have attended the Seniors For Safe Driving Program conducted by Richard D'Arcangelo at UPMC in Greenville, PA. The program was excellent. During my working life I spent considerable time as a professional trainer in industry and as a college professor, so I am aware of the difficult task that confronts the trainer. Richard did an outstanding job presenting and covering the material. He maintained our interest at a high level and his presentation never slowed down or dragged. What a pleasure to have one's expectations exceeded by such a high degree of competence."
Howard W. Snyder - Greenville, PA

"A note concerning Carolyn Gentile - Instructor for Seniors For Safe Driving. What a great motivational speaker. You are lucky to have her. We attended the class at the Cranberry Township Senior Center and they were late and didn't open the room on time. We started the class a hour late through no fault of Carolyn. Well, she kept her cool and gave an outstanding presentation with great feeling and consideration for us. Wow! What a great teacher."
Florence H. Burns - Cranberry Twp, PA

"This note is long overdue. Back in November of 2004 I attended a Seniors For Safe Driving course at Gary Miller Chevrolet in Girard, PA. Richard D'Archangelo was the presenter. His style was pleasant, the course work was well organized, and his method respectful of the audience. I appreciated Richard's resourceful way of imparting 'car talk'."
Sister Marie Grace Blum - Girard, PA

"Just a quick note concerning Carolyn Gentile. What an outstanding teacher."
Glenn Fleming - Indiana, PA

"Dear Carolyn: We enjoyed your class at Kelly Chevrolet in Butler, PA last Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. You really know your subject and it was very interesting. Young drivers would benefit from your program. Thank You."
Merle & Jane Black - Butler, PA

"Dear Friends: Just a note of thanks to tell you how we appreciated your most informative class. That very night I had to make a late round trip to Cleveland, which seemed like an all new experience. Instructors, Bucky & Jay were great."
Bob Schofield - Erie, PA Woman Smiling

"My husband and I just attended the safe driving course at Baierl Dealerships in Wexford. Carolyn Gentile was our instructor. We just have to tell you what an inspiring experience it was. Something that could have been dull and tedious became a pleasure to listen to. She did a wonderful job. Along with Baierl's hospitality, I almost look forward to the next one in three years. Three years ago we had Bucky for our instructor. You really have some terrific instructors. We felt he was the best - then Carolyn did another outstanding job. We are telling all who will listen that Seniors For Safe Driving courses are the only courses to take. Thank You - Keep up the good work."
Helen & Philip Stein - Pittsburgh, PA

"Carolyn: My husband George and I learned and enjoyed from your well presented class at McCandless Ford on June 14 & 15, 2004. Thank You for making the class most worthwhile."
Janice Gerhard - Mercer, PA

"Dear Mr. Parisi: My reason for writing this letter is two-fold. My husband and I attended your SFSD Penn Dot approved course for mature drivers 55 years of age and older. I want to thank you and Jay for the informative and enjoyable program. You are to be commended for coordinating such a valuable program for older drivers. The non-threatening environment was conducive to learning and the enthusiasm and humor of the instructors was refreshing and enjoyable. We certainly left with increased awareness of our role in driver safety, thanks to you and Jay. Secondly, as the on-site Administrator for St. Francis Medical Center, I am pleased to be associated with your program. All activity that occurs in our buildings is a direct reflection on our reputation, therefore, it is imperative we limit outside use to high quality. Having attended the entire program, I believe it is consistent with the goals we have established for St. Francis Medical Center. I wish you continued success in your efforts and look forward to a long and mutually satisfying relationship."
Gerry Matt - Cranberry Twp., PA

"Dear Learned One: Just a note to thank you for the great job you do as a highway education instructor. We enjoyed the class very much. The class was held at Greenville Hospital."
R. Glenn & Gloria Adams - Greenville, PA

"Gentlemen: We very much enjoyed the 'Driver Improvement Program for Mature Operators' you recently gave at Kelly Chevrolet in Butler, PA. Although we had a similar course three years ago given by AARP, we believe your course contains more useful information and was given in an interesting and entertaining manner. We especially appreciated being treated as intelligent operators since during the AARP course, we felt that the presenters had a somewhat condescending attitude toward the older driver. Incidentally, we didn't 'doze off' during any of the presentations. Thank You for the opportunity to participate in your program. It was far superior to the AARP program."
Walter S. Parks - Butler, PAMan and Woman

"Dear Mr. Parisi: We just completed the safe driving course at St. Marys Hospital and we wanted to tell you that we appreciated the way Ben Zappa conducted the class. This was our first time and we definitely recommend your courses to others. Please know that we appreciated attending and trust that you will pass our compliments on to Ben."
Tom & Alice Steighner - St. Marys, PA

"We recently attended a Seniors For Safe Driving class at St. Mary's Hospital and the instructor was Ben Zappa. Terrific class, terrific instructor, and the material covered was very beneficial. We were entertained and we learned a lot."
Leonard R. Simmons - Emporium, PA

"To all at SFSD: My husbund and I completed your seven hour class yesterday and had to write to tell you how pleased we are. It was great and our instructor, Richard D'Archangelo, was fantastic. His knowledge and the fun way he presented the class made the time pass much too quickly. We learned a lot and feel we will drive much more safely now. Champion Ford was very generous with their delicious snacks and the gift of the safety first aid kit. Thanks lots !!!!"
Helen & Harold Barthelmes - Erie, PA

"We attended a Driver Improvement Class at Lawrence County Learning Center in New Castle, PA. Our instructor, Mitch Ufner, did an outstanding job. We not only had fun, we learned a lot. Thanks."
William T Napoli - New Castle, PA

"Dear Bucky: Philip and I both want to thank you for such an interesting course. It was so beneficial to us both. I was prepared for a boring, two day presentation. Boy was I wrong. Now I am on the phone urging our friends to try and make one of your courses, preferably yours. An old dog is never to old to learn new tricks. Everyone wants to know they are appreciated. I am sure you have heard it before, but you are really appreciated. You help a lot of people, keep up the good work. You can bet that in three years we will attend again."
Philip & Helen Stein - Pittsburgh, PA

"This past week my husband and I attended a class at Hofius & Black Chevrolet in Sharpsville, PA. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Bucky, the instructor, just made the time fly. I was almost sorry when the class ended. We recommend it to all."

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