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Are You A Safe Driver?

Studies have shown that most experienced drivers never received safe-driving instruction; they got in a car and started to drive. Other drivers knew quite a bit about safe driving at one time, but have since forgotten. Still others have not kept up with the changes in highways, automobiles, traffic signs or the "rules of the road".

When it comes to actual driving, however, some studies show experienced drivers have fewer collisions than new drivers. Long-time drivers can generally handle a car better than new drivers, steering clear of trouble or getting out of a tight situation with confidence.

The Seniors For Safe Driving Program Is Designed to Help You Do A Better Job

  1. Understanding The Element Of Risk
  2. Signals, Signs, And Pavement Markings
  3. Car Buying And Maintenance
  4. Anti-Lock Braking System vs. Conventional Brakes
  5. Airbags
  6. Everyday Driving Situations
  7. Situation Awareness
  8. Driving In Adverse Weather Conditions
  9. Communicating With Other Drivers
  10. Sharing The Road
  11. Driving Safely Around Trucks
  12. Impaired And Distracted Driving
  13. Hearing Loss
  14. Visual Changes And Compensations
  15. Driving When Taking Medications
  16. Adapting To Medical Conditions
  17. Giving Up Your Driver's License
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