The Law

1799.2. Driver improvement course discounts.

(a) Motor vehicle driver improvement course. - All insurance companies authorized to write private passenger automobile insurance within this Commonwealth shall provide a premium discount for each motor vehicle on a policy under which all named insured's are 55 years of age or older and have successfully completed a motor vehicle driver improvement course meeting the standards of the Department of Transportation.. The discount shall apply to all coverage's for all policy periods beginning within the three-year period immediately following the successful completion of the course and shall be approved by the commissioner as part of the insurer's rate filing, provided that such discount shall not be less than 5%. The successful completion of more than one course within a three-year period does not qualify the insured for additional discounts. The premium discount required by this subsection may be omitted upon demonstration to the commissioner in an insurer's rate filing that the discount is duplicative of a driver improvement course discount provided by the insurer.

(b) Completion of course. Upon successfully completing the approved course, each participant shall be issued, by the course's sponsoring agency, a certificate, which shall be the basis of qualification for the discount on insurance.

(c) Continuing eligibility. - Each participant shall take an approved course every three years to continue to be eligible for the discount on insurance. Each insured may require, as a condition of providing and maintaining the discount, that the insured for a three-year period after course completion:
  1. Not be involved in an accident for which the insured is chargeable
  2. Not be convicted of an offense enumerated in section 1535 (relating to schedule of convictions and points
  3. Not be convicted or have accepted Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) for driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance
(d) Nonapplicability. - This section shall not apply in the event the approved course is specified by a court or other governmental entity resulting from a conviction of an offense enumerated in section 1535.

(Feb.. 7, 1990, P.L.11, No. 6, eff. July 1, 1990)
1990 Amendment. Act 6 added2 section1799.2.
Cross References. Section 1799.2 is referred to in section 1791.1 of this title.
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